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       Transcription Recording Tips For Quality Audio

      Here are some tips for quality transcription recordings. It is essential to note that when recording an interview, lecture, meeting, focus group or any other event, the clarity and sound quality of the audio file recording is up to standard.

      This is of the utmost importance to make the transcription process as efficient and accurate as possible.

      Recording with a cell phone is generally not advisable as the sound file will not be up to standard.

      Invest in a suitable quality recording device such as a Pulse/Smart Pen or a good quality digital dictaphone.

      Background noise is the main deterrent to a good-quality audio file.

      By following these few tips for quality transcription recordings whilst recording, you can reduce transcription charges:

      • Record your audio in a closed (if possible) soundproof room.
      • Switch off cell phones.
      • Make sure there are no ticking clocks, creaking chairs and noisy fans.
      • Make sure the air conditioners are switched off.
      • If you are recording a focus group or more than two participants, please inform them to speak one at a time and clearly to avoid unnecessary deciphering of the words spoken.
      • Use quality voice recording equipment.
      • Try to place the microphone/s close to the speaker and participants.
      • Avoid everyday background noises like coughing and sneezing, doors slamming and shutting, people making a noise in the background, and noise from other rooms when the door is left open whilst recording.
      • The poor audio recording will reflect in your final document; remember, a transcriber can only type what she hears and understands; if she cannot hear or understand it, she cannot type it.
      • Please ensure that the Audio Quality is satisfactory for me to transcribe by following recording tips and ensuring that the audio file is at least 128 kB/s when mixed down to mp3 or WAV format.
      • Remember that poor quality audio = poor transcription.
      • Please Note: an optional fee will be charged to enhance poor or badly recorded audio.
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